Peaches & Petals November 2015 Box Review


Peaches & Petals November 2015 box is here! I’m so excited to show you what I got but first let’s get the details for this box. Peaches & Petals is a monthly subscription that has 3-5 items beauty and fashion accessories plus extra random goodies for $14.99. They have spoilers in the previous month so you know at least one product ahead of time. With that said, next month’s spoiler is a Kimono Peacock Robe! AND you get 50% off the first box with the code: “PEACHAHOLIC”.

So here’s what I got:


novppscarfThe Fringe Scarf. Retail: $10.00?. These came in all sorts of colors but I got black, it’s soft and long so you can double wrap it and get a nice fluffy layer around your neck. I really like the knitted design, and a fringe on the ends! And it smells like they sprayed their lovely “peaches and petals” scent on it too!

novpptravelPantene Pro-V Shampoo & Conditioner. Retail: $2.00. These are pretty much freebies, these are the only traveled sized items. I’ll use this for keeping my hair nice and soft.

novppcandleSweet Treat Dessert Candle. Retail: $2.50?. I thought this was ADORABLE! The only thing is that the beignet candle didn’t really smell like the donut. Maybe I have to burn it to smell it, but it looks so cute to burn!

novppthankyouThank You Cards. Retail: $3.99. OMG Peaches & Petals sure know how to pick out super cute things. I will definitely use these blank Thank You cards for work and friend and family.

novppbracletInfinity Forever Bracelet. Retail: $5.00?. I doubt this is covered in real gold but this is such a daily bracelet for any outfit. It has an extra long chain to fit any size wrist but it also fits into the smaller wrist like me too. If you really want, it can probably be worn on your ankle!



Totally Adorable Tea Infuser. Retail: $10.00. I’ve seen these around and never bought one so I’m so happy this popped up in my box! This little guys steeps in your cup while holding on to the rim.

After my low estimated prices, my box came out to $33.49 which is still a great deal because it’s at least double the subscription box price. I absolutely loved this box, everything will be used and I even ordered my next month’s box because they have this great deal- 50% off your first box! It’s only $7.49 when you use the coupon code: “PEACHAHOLIC”! I call that a steal. The robe is worth more than that price so if you like silky robes…. you better hurry and get your box.


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