Flicker & Flame December 2015 Box Review

decffholdThe holidays are coming up fast and if you are running out of ideas for customized gifts, you should check out Flicker & Flame. Flicker & Flame specializes in customized candles with a soy based wax so it burns a lot cleaner. Once you take the 30 second preference quiz, they create the perfect 10 oz candle combo for that month based on your favorite scents.

Each shipment comes with a beautiful box with extra tags for gifting and the box is already wrapped in a pretty ribbon! The box costs $25 a month but if you use the coupon code: “SmellGreat” you’ll get $10.00 off your first box!

If you order before the 16th, the candles will ship out the 26th and you’ll get your box sometime during the first week of the following month .

They are having a 4 Seasonal Sampler Pack of 7 oz candles (one for each season) on sale for $45. These candles aren’t your typical scents but they have multiple scents that compliment each other yet still gives you that seasonal scent.


The December box will have extra tags in case you want to give someone the candle or if you want to save it for an emergency Christmas gift.


For December’s base scent they created a holiday dessert in the oven smell. The scent has a strong butterscotch base, with the addition of vanilla and raisin, and top notes of cinnamon. It reminds me of two cookies- ginger bread men and sugar cookies! It’s such a soft sweet smell of comforting cookies that makes it so addicting to take a quick sniff when it’s not burning! 

I really do love the candles from Flicker & Flame, there’s something about each unique scent that makes me feel so relaxed and happy when I smell them! You should take advantage of the coupon deal before it runs out.


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