Madame Ladybug’s Ultimate Indulgence Ladybox December 2015 Box Review

lmbdeclayoutThe Madame Ladybug Box is the most customizable period box you can get, you have a bunch of options to get what you want and still have the element of surprise. They literally cater to your needs. If you check out their website there’s a ton of boxes for every women, whether it’s for the first timers, regular cycles, or even for menopause.

lmbdecopenFor December, my box was wrapped up in a discreet brown box and wrapped in pretty Christmas paper once it was opened. Each section had their own Christmas baggie so that the snacks, tampons, and other accessories. Each box comes with your choice of pads or tampons and in your preferred brand…
The Flo-Control is the most basic box. For $15.00 you get:
  • Up to 25 feminine products (includes complimentary pads, pantyliners, hygiene wipes, disposable bags)
  • Snacks of the Month (4)
  • Tea bags (3)
  • Gift & Bonus Items
  • Advil
Pamper Me is $25.00 for:
  • Up to 30 Feminine Products (includes complimentary pads, pantyliners, hygiene wipes, disposable bags)
  • Snacks of the Month (6)
  • Tea bags/ other special drinks
  • 2 Advil Packets
  • Bonus Items
  • Surprise Gifts
The Ultimate Indulgence box is $33.00 and includes:
  • Up to 35 Feminine Products (includes complimentary pantyliners, hygiene wipes, disposable bags) *The amount vary to change depending on the length of your cycle.
  • Snacks of the month (8)
  • Tea Bags/ other special drinks
  • 3 Advil Packets
  • Bonus Items
  • Surprise Gifts & Extras
  • Mystery Items
If you got a period box before, you probably never got one like this… this “Ultimate Indulgence” period box has so much goodies it’s kinda awesome. It’s like a snack box combined with your period subscription.
So let’s see what’s in my box:lmbdeccard
lmbdectamponsTampax Tampons. Retail: $7.50. You get to choose your name brand of pads or tampons so this value varies. They gave me 18 regular Tampax (Pearls?) in a Christmas bag. =]
lmbdecpantylinerPantyliners. Retail: $0.45. These were complimentary, I always keep these Always pantyliners in my bag in case of emergencies.
lmbdecbagsScensibles Disposable Bags. Retail: $1.00. I’ve never seen these before but I think it’s a great idea to put your used pads/tampons in a scented mini bag so that other people don’t have to see the mess. I got 4 of them and they are pretty thick so it’s a pretty opaque bag!
lmbdecwipesSummer’s Eve Wipes. Retail: $1.00. These are nice to have with you when you are out. Thanks Madame Ladybug!
lmbdecpillsAdvil Packets. Retail: $2.25. I’ve never taken pill for my cramps but these are pretty handy too for those headaches, bloating, and cramps.

7 Surprise Snacks. Retail: $6.59. I got a bunch of chocolaty goodies and other sweets.

lmbdeccoconutRussel Stover Treat. Retail: $1.25. This is a coconut chocolate wreath filled with coconut shavings and dipped in milk chocolate… drool…
lmbdecteas2 Assorted Teas. Retail: $1.05. I got Mint Green Tea and Black Currant teas. I’m not sure what they taste like but I like my teas plain. I might give these away to someone in the work place. I’m sure someone will like them!
lmbdechotcoco2 Hot Cocoa Mix. Retail: $1.25.
You can’t go wrong with a warm chocolate beverage. If only they had mini marshmallows….
lmbdecearringsChristmas Wreath Earrings. Retail: $10.99.
These are so adorable! I wish I got my box before Christmas so I could wear mine.
lmbdecbagMadame Ladybug Draw String Backpack. Retail: $19.99.
In my opinion this is not worth $20 but it is a nice sturdy bag for this material. I haven’t used this kind of bag since college… Oh the good o’ days…
lmbdecoilOlea Essential Oil Sample. Retail: $8.99.
I got a Peppermint oil! Maybe I’ll use this to make a candle or add it to a bath.
lmbdecbathChristmas Peppermint Bath Salts from Etsy. Retail: $4.50.
These smelled really good so it really stood out when I opened the box. Instead of using these for a bubble bath- I opted to use them as an air freshener for the car!
lmbdecheatBodi Heating Pad. Retail: $2.25.
I could’ve used this a week ago… but next time! This is great for on the go comfort, especially if you have to run errands and you can’t lay down at home.

Christmas Stocking. Retail: $1.00. Christmas Candy. Retail: $1.75. These are pretty much fillers- I got so much Christmas candy than I know what to do with…. I know I’m not eating them all!

lmbdeclotionChristmas Peppermint Lotion Bar from Etsy. Retail: $6.00. I love this idea too! A solid lotion bar so you can take around during winter! Careful, when you warm it up in your hands you will get oily…
The Madame Ladybug Box total box worth is $77.81 with all of the goodies. I loved that the box was totally filled with treats and the essentials. I also love that I found new things I would’ve known about without this box. I will most definitely will use everything and I will look forward to my next period so I can use these!

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