My BatterBox March 2016 Review

marbatterholdI just got a new box called the Batterbox! At first I thought it was a baseball box but it’s actually a baking box! I love baking so I had to review this box! The box was pretty big so I knew it was filled with a lot of goodies. I could smell the vanilla!
The Batterbox starts at $25.00-$30.0 a month. You get a variety of baking tools and supplies to make your themed baking project for the month. Each box comes with the recipe and instructions to make the cupcakes or whatever the project is for that month. The box is shipped out by the 5th every month so you should expect your box to arrive about the same time each month.
marbattercardIf you use the coupon code: “SAVE5” you’ll get $5 off your first box!
This month’s theme is Easter so our project for this month is “Surprise Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream”. I plan on making them for Easter so stay tuned for the final result!
Let’s see what’s in the box:
marbattercolor.75 oz Electric Green Gel Food Coloring. Retail: $1.97. This is the dye for the green grass! You only need a few drops so this is something you can use for St. Patty’s day or Christmas.
marbatterpeeps3 Five count packs of peeps. Retail: $3.87. I love peeps! I haven’t had them in awhile so these are a nice treat. I like eating the eyes, beak, butt then the head and body- haha! I like eating the sugar. =P
marbattertip1 small grass piping tip. Retail: $1.69. I can see using this as fur or giving the cupcake/cake a cool texture. In this project we se them as grass so I’m going to try to make it look nice. I’ve never done a design with decorative tips.
marbatterbag2, 12 Inch piping bags. Retail: $2.50?. They sell these in bulk so I’m ball-parking the cost. These are pretty durable bags so they won’t pop or rip open while you’re working. I like that they give you two in case you make a boo boo.
marbatteralmond24 Almond Candy’s. Retail: $2.00?. These are a nice touch to the surprise, you put them in the cupcakes!
marbatterpapercup25 Dot Grease proof Cupcake Liners: Yellow. Retail: $3.00. These are pretty adorable and you can use them for other projects as well. They are good quality cupcake liners because it’s grease proof! AKA they won’t leak excess oil but this project shouldn’t be a problem.
marbatterflourFlour, Salt and baking powder mixture. I didn’t put a price on this but it’s not that expense to buy. When I do bake a small bag of flour lasts me months!
marbattersugarPowered Sugar. I think this was the bag that wasn’t sale properly because my box was filled with powder, not everything came out but there’s a fine layer of powder sugar on everything. I’m not too upset because I have some I could use.
marbatterextractVanilla Extract. These can get pretty expensive but they really make baking so much more fragrant and tasty. I don’t prefer this particular ingredient in a jar like this- it’s leak proof but not smell proof if it makes sense.
marbattergransugarSugar. You can’t bake cupcakes without sugar!
The total Batterbox value came out to $15.03 + the cost of the basics. These prices are pretty cheap because they are purchased in bulk so Batterbox does all the hard work for you and puts them in a box for you to get right to the fun stuff. If you don’t bake often this box is convenient.
I could see this being a fun project with the kids, but it could get messy. Perhaps the adults should do the icing.
I’ll be baking next week for Easter so stay tuned for more pictures of the final result!