September 2015 Coterie Sampler Austin, Texas Box Review

septcorcardseptcorholdHey there! I got a new box called The Coterie Sampler delivers handcrafted products from the heart of Austin for you guys to check out! I love reviewing boxes with new and exciting goods that I can’t get to so this one was great to experience. You can choose from 2 sizes, the standard box has 4-6 items for $39.95 and the mark box has 6-8 items for $59.95. Everything is from Austin and limited so it’s unique and local products.

This was a nice big and heavy box! Here’s what I got:

septcorpeachConfituras Seasonal Preserves- Bourbon Maple Peaches. Retail: $10.00. I don’t usually eat jam but these seems really cool… it’s seasoned with a touch of bourbon for flavor! This would be good with a peanut butter sandwich!

septcorlavLavande Farm Lavender Mosquito Repellent. Retail: $10.00. This smells amazing! It’s light scented and it repels mosquitos. This is a pretty big size bottle so you can also use it for room fragrance.

septcorwallBDJ Craft Works Petite Wall Vase in Box Style with Resin Inlay. Retail: $32.00. At first I didn’t know what this was for but after reading the paper I found out that it’s a small wall vase decorator. Each one is unique! It was hand carved and has resin embedded in the wood. I decorated it by putting in metal wires I personally twisted.

septcorsaltLenoir Finishing Salts. Retail: $14.00. I love the packaging on this seasoning! It has pink Himalayan salt, chilies, tejas herbs, and dhana dal spices. I know two of those ingredients but in short this is hot in flavor so add a pinch in whatever your making for a kick.

septcorbiscuitSkull & Cakebones Rosemary ‘Gin and Juice’ Shortbread Tea Biscuits. Retail: $9.95. These are baked biscuits that are denser than your typical biscuit. I haven’t tried it yet but I love rosemary but I never had them with “gin and juice” before.

septcorswaySarah’s Kale Chips Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips. Retail: $7.00. I’ve had kale chips with ranch and it was delicious however these didn’t taste like sour cream and onion to me. It had a creamy and nutty taste that my roomies enjoyed.

Sway Water Organic Fruit-Infused Water. Retail: $4.00. These are infused with strawberry and rosemary… yumm.

My box had $86.95 worth of stuff in it so you get more than what you paid for. I thought this box had a lot to offer. I found a lot of new and exciting products that I would never think to try so I appreciate the local handmade in small batches. You definitely get a variety of things so it’s an exciting box. I had fun digging in and pulling out the products it felt like Christmas and Easter combined!

So here comes the fun part… I’m giving away a FREE box so check out their site and leave a comment to enter! Easy huh?


July 2015 Grace & Stella Co. Review & Giveaway!

julygsfootGrace & Stella Co. is a new luxurious pedicure subscription service that caters to pampering your feet. If you have dry and crackled feet you should give this a try because instead of going to the spa every week this foot peel can be used once every 3 months to maintain nice smooth and soft feet. So in a way, you’ll be saving money on pedicures and there’s no foot filing needed. Plus, everything is natural and gentle! julygsholdAll you have to do is prep your feet in warm water till it’s nice and soft and the slip on the booties with socks over them and wait for an hour for the natural extracts to soak in to help exfoliate and moisturize your feet. After that, just rinse off completely and wait for it to do it’s magic within a week. Since this is a peel, it takes 3-7 days to fully peel and reveal your natural soft feet. Sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks but each day it’ll naturally peel off by itself (it depending how much dead cells there are). It also can improve other foot issues like foot odor, athletes foot and blood circulation. If you get the subscription its only $15.95 for a pair (normally 27.95). You can use the code “boxaholic” for 30% off any subscription. You can get one or have it delivered as often as you want. So if you want to try the Grace & Stella Luxurious Foot Peeling Mask, I’m giving one away for free! Just “like” and comment below on why you desperately need a Grace & Stella Luxurious Foot Peeling Mask and I’ll pick the lucky winner! Bonus points for pictures! I will announce the winner by the end of the month so July 31, 2015 will be the last day for entries. **For a limited time Grace & Stella is giving my readers a special offer, follow this link and enter your email for an exclusive deal you don’t want to miss.** I hope you enjoy!

Graze September 2014 Review

septgrazeholdI’ve started using Graze again! YAY! As you may or may not know, your first Graze box is FREE! So if you haven’t already, sign up by using my link and get your 1st and 5th box free. Each box is normally $6 but if you get a friend/family member to join (for their free box) you can get $1 off or donate it to the School of Farm Program.
They have a new deluxe box coming out soon so I’m SOO excited for that to come out. I’ve actually emailed them before about a bigger box/bag for the snacks we love so I’m happy they finally did it. The “big box” is still pending so I’m on the waiting list…

So let’s see some new snack Graze has given this month:
septgrazelayoutseptgrazeflapjackBrownie Flapjack, a rustic rolled oat flapjack with brownie chunks. I love their flapjack bars because they are so moist and chewy. They really do fill me up and kind of leaving me wanting more!

septgrazepopcloseTwist of Black Pepper Popcorn, if you know me I LOVE popcorn so I’m sure this is amazing! I’ve been adding salt and pepper to my popcorn and it pumps up the flavor so it’s not too buttery-not that its a bad thing 😉 This is a mini size so it’s great afternoon snack.

septgrazesalsaSalsa Corn Chips, I love chips but I felt like these chips is not enough… it’s tiny and there’s so little!

septgrazefudgeSalted Fudge and Peanut cookie, baked salted peanuts, fudge pieces, mini chocolate cookies and redskin peanuts. These were pretty yummy as well however I thought I would taste more “peanut butter” but looking back on it- the ingredient never said peanut butter. The cookies weren’t super crunchy like the other cookies I’ve tried it had a crunchy exterior yet the inside was soft. The overall mix was pretty yummy since the fudge pieces were tiny and not overly sweet. They were actually nice and soft fudge pieces- I wouldn’t mind eating them by itself.

I actually love Graze boxes since I’m a HUGE snacker, I just wish the portions were bigger. But they are coming out with a bigger bag version so I can’t wait for that. So if you haven’t already get your free box to your home and to your work 😉 if you love snacks. Just make two accounts with two different emails. You don’t need to pay for anything for your first box- if you don’t want to get anymore boxes you can cancel or skip whenever you want.

Happy Snacking!

HOT September 2014 FREE Love With Food Box


Who doesn’t love a free box? Sign up with a new email/account at Love With Food and get a FREE box (for only September 2014 so hurry)! It’s normally $10-$12 (depending on your plan) each month for about 5 unique snacks delivered to your door. You get points for reviewing your items and you can buy your favorite snacks at the shop if you want. There’s a bigger box option is you really love this service so at least check it out!

Yes, it’s FREE for the first box… yes, you need a credit card but it won’t charge you for the first month- all you have to do is cancel after your shipment… and no, you don’t have to pay for shipping… no, there’s no promo code needed… so Enjoy!

June 2014 Bulu Box


Ahh! I’m behind! It’s been super busy lately with all of the stuff going on so I haven’t had the time to review all these awesome products on time. But I’m doing my best to get out these reviews…


You usually get 5 items but I always get more. It’s similar to Birchbox but with health & fitness. It’s $10 a month and you get points for reviewing and buying products as well.

So for June’s Bulu box I got a bunch of “samples”:

junebuluupliftNLA For Her Uplift. Retail: $39.99 for 40 servings or $1.00 a serving.
I got Raspberry Lemonade, its a powdered drink designed to enhance muscles to workout better and give you more energy.

junebuluironpur-Absorb Iron. Retail: $21.99 for 28 packets or $1.60 for 2 packets.
I really need more iron in my diet but I HATE taking pills so this is perfect for me. They recommend you add it to a drink like orange juice.

junebulurescueBach Flower Remedies Rescue Pearls. Retail: $12.99 for 28 capsules.
I have been super stressed so this came at a perfect time. All you do is pop one pearl and let it melt on your tongue. They actually gave me a full size “sample”, score!

junebulufigNature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bar. Retail: $12.48 for 12 bars or $1.04 for one bar.
I have to say, this was the first thing I grabbed and ate right away. It’s super yummy and moist- I’m so buying more!

junebulusugarsflavCid Botanicals Stevia. Retail: $13.99 for 100 packets or $0.56 for 4 packets.
This is flavored substitute sugar you can add to your drink- must be a theme!

junebuluaminodPurus Labs AminOD Essential Amino Acid Repletion Drink. Retail: $59.95 for 30 servings or $2.00 for 1 serving.

This is a flavored-powdered energy drink for your workout. I got Strawberry Limeade so all you need to do is pour it in a bottle of water and drink it when you workout.

$100.00 Gift Card to Retail: $100.00.
I’m not a big wine person and I’ve gotten these before however I won’t use this. There’s no way I’m spending $100+ on wine!

My box was worth $19.19 without the $100 gift card. Normally a box costs $10.00 but I have a 50% off coupon code! Just click on my link and put the coupon code:BULUGAN455 in the promo code box. You can only use this code once so use it wisely!


April 2014 Bulu Box Review + 50% off Coupon Code!

aprilbuluholdI’ve seen Bulu Box around for awhile but I was never motivated enough to get one until recently. I decided to go paraben-free and eat/try to be healthier so when the opportunity came up- I took it! (This is my other affiliate.) Bulu Box has 4-5 products (sometimes 6) in a box, you take a quiz to customize your box, Bulu is pretty like Birchbox but with health, diet and fitness products. One thing that’s different from Birchbox is that you can pause whenever you want for how ever long you want- I think you can send someone your box too.

Here’s my very first Bulu Box:


aprilbuluhummusMediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 Go. 3.6 oz for $2.99.

This is a great lunch side or midday snack. It comes with Hummus and Lentil crackers so there’s no guilt in this snack. Its all natural and a great source of protein. Too bad I don’t like hummus, I’ve tried this multiple times and its just not my kind of snack- its too vinegary for my taste.

aprilbuluchewedSmarty Pants Adult Gummy Vitamins. 6 Gummies for $1.00.

One pack (6 gummies) should give you enough vitamins and Omega 3s for the day! Woo- no pills! Everything is natural and made with organic ingredients. These are so yummy, taste like candy! Its not chewy- it has a sugary texture so a few chews and you’re ready to pop in more and its not too sweet for me either. It’s very addicting…so be careful.

aprilbulustrengthMeStrength in Grape. Retail: $1.00.

This mixable powdered drink gives you energy before you workout- you pour it in a 20 oz water bottle, shake and drink it. It contains electrolytes & creatine for endurance and power.

aprilbulucollagenBeauty Bursts in Fresh Mint Chocolate. Retail: 0.37 cents for 1 chew.

This is an all natural dietary supplement for boosting collagen. I suppose you take one chew a day and it makes your skin more hydrated, a nutrient to rebuild skin cells, and enhance your collagen production. Not sure how much of a difference you’ll see with one chew but we’ll see.

aprilbulukindKIND Bar Dark Chocolate Chili Almond. Retail: $1.92.

I got this brand from Birchbox too but this is a different flavor and smaller. I’m not sure how I would like chili in my chocolate but I’ll let you know! **Whoa these are HOT, I couldn’t even finish the bar it burned my mouth so bad!** These are all natural ingredients and its great for fiber and protein.

aprilbuluteethBonus: WhiteShield. 0.78 cents for 3 packets.

If you’re worried that coffee will stain your teeth pour this packet in your cup and drink away! Not sure I need this though. lol

Lots of interesting products, I have to say- I would never actually buy most of these on my own so I’m glad to test them out and see if you like them. My box was only $8.06 in total (this is the price at the cheapest bulk value so when you do buy them individually it would cost more), plus I’ll get 60 points ($6) for reviewing the items and another 50 points ($5) for the month’s subscription. So if you total everything up- I got $19.06 in one month for a $10 box.

Lucky for you guys I have a 50% off coupon you can use go to this link, pick your subscription, use “BULUGAN455” and save money! When you choose to buy a subscription, you’ll automatically get half off your first subscription. This only works with new members/emails so use it wisely. I recommend getting the yearly sub to get the most out of the discount.

Here’s the breakdown:

1 month = $10 = $5 for 1 box (save $5)

3 months = $30 = $15 for 3 boxes (save $15)

6 months = $60 = $30 for 6 boxes (save $30)

12 months = $110 = $55 for 12 boxes (save $55)

For every 10 points = $1 for you to use in the shop, points will expire after 90 days so use it to buy the stuff you like. Feel free to read the FAQs. Every time you get a box you can review each item and earn 10 points each. By buying the bigger subscription you’ll earn 50 points for each “$10 box”, on top of that you save $55, and you can use those points to get free products much quicker than the lesser subscriptions. This is a great deal for current exercisers or people who WANT to be motivated to be healthier- by forcing yourself to get the boxes and spending that money- you’ll have that motivation to use the products (since its already there) and because you don’t want to waste money.

I know this is a lot of information to process but read the FAQs before committing so you know what to expect. Feel free to ask me questions if you want. I hope you enjoyed this post!

TotalBeauty April 2014 Review & Discount Mother’s Day Collection Box


Mother’s Day is quickly coming up and if you’re looking for a present for mom check out TotalBeauty’s Mother’s Day Collection. I’d hurry and make up your mind before they all run out.

But first here’s a little about TotalBeauty, its not a continuous subscription box service so you only buy what you want. They have a bunch of collections, products or sample boxes to choose from. Sometimes you see everything in the box, sometimes its a surprise! 😉 Each box contains a variety of stuff so its not all the same- check out some here. Everything in this box is natural/organic/vegan. Woo! Did I tell you I’m going on a paraben-free “diet”? Yup, no more parabens for me (or at least to a minimum).

So let’s see what the Mother’s Day Collection has:


LOVE the colors- so spring! First thing I noticed right off the bat is this HUGE scrub! Of course I need to check this out first…

tbaprilscrubAdvanced Body Care by ME! Sugar Scrub in Apple Blossom & Kumqat. Retail: 14 oz for $40.00.

Oh man this scrub smells sooo good. It smells super fresh and floral, I could smell this forever! They should make a candle of this- I’d buy it. The scrub is all organic- no chemicals, parabens and such. Its suppose to regenerate cells, repair age related skin damage, and of course make your skin smooth and soft. I really need this- I might have to order another box since this thing alone costs more than I’m paying for the whole box!

tbaprilpurlissePur~lisse pur~moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer. 1.7 oz for $55.00.

This is another full size item that makes this whole box way over its value. This thing is huge for a moisturizer! I would use this but I have so many anti-aging moisturizer. Its great for people with normal to dry skin since it balances out your skin moisture.

tbaprilroseTata Harper Rose Floral Essence. Retail: $5.00.

This tiny little thing is pure rose water which takes 60 petals just to produce one drop of oil- crazy! Spray this over your face after cleansing and before moisturizing and it’ll help retain moisture. The smell is very faint so it won’t smell like straight up perfume on your face. Nice and refreshing. If you do get this box- you’ll get a promo code for $10 off the full size.

tbapriloilALFAPARF Cristalli Liquid Serum. Retail: $4.42.

This hair serum will help tame frizz, add shine, and make your hair softer. Just add a little to your hands the rub into your roots working your way down to the ends.

tbaprilmaskMontagne Jeunesse Face Spa Mask. Retail: $2.49 for one mask.

I’ve never done this kind of mask before with the paper but I do have this kind in the blue paste form from Freeman. They come in different masks so I got the dead sea salt & seaweed- made for calming and cleansing your face.

tbaprilbalmNeutrogena Naturals Lip Balm. 0.15 oz for $3.00.

I wasn’t too excited for lip balm but what girl doesn’t need lip balm- we go through them like crazy. My lips had a dry as h*ll phase so literally no lip balm moisturized my lips. I would constantly reapply every 30 minutes… but that was winter so its now better! This balm is straight up natural oils and no more- no scent and no flavoring added.

tbaprilfizzAdvanced Body Care by ME! Bath-Bath Soak Mini. Retail: $4.00.

I saved this for last because it got all over the box and products. I don’t know why they didn’t wrap it on tissue paper but this fizzy bath ball got powder all over- yuck. I also didn’t like the smell of it either- I can’t put my finger on what the scent is but it gives me a headache. I never used one before but its suppose to calm your body in a bath. I don’t think you use all of it in one shot but I’ve seen people break off a piece of the larger one (probably double the size of this one). You can use the whole thing for a bath tub or break some off for soaking your hands/feet.

So that was all of the 7 beauty products, it came out to $113.91 without the bonus offers! So another gift you’ll get is the $50 Gift Card from and a $30 value 8″x10″ Canvas Lite Print from Awesome right? The canvas thing looks cool- I might have to check it out and order one.

For the price of $29, this box is a steal! You can save $10.00 if use the code: “MOM” or get 2 for $55 (saving $23) when you use “MOM2” just click this link here to see the box.

Also, when you buy this box or any box from my link– you’ll be helping me out! Since its been so hard finding a job in my area- I’ve decided to team up with some box companies to earn some cash to keep this blog going so I would appreciate you spreading the love! Thanks again to my readers- you also keep me going. =] Just because I’m making money, I will NOT alter my posts or opinion about a product to sell boxes- I will be honest as possible like always. Thanks for supporting me. ❤

Stay tune for a Bulu box review and offer for 50% off! What??!!

Tea Sparrow March 2014 Sampler & Discount Coupon Code!

marchtsholdmarchtscardI’ve been wanting to try Tea Sparrow for awhile now so I’m so glad they sent me a box to sample! I was amazed how all of my teas fit in this tiny box!

I am working hard drinking all of my other loose teas so I can open up a fresh one! Tea only lasts 6-12 months if properly stored. So once I finish those up I’ll come back and update my post.

Here’s what I got:

marchtscacaoCacao Tea: Organic cacao bean shells filled with 300 compounds like proteins, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, zinc, copper, calcium, and magnesium.

I’ve tried chocolate tea before and it kinda tastes weird to me… its like watered down chocolate! It could be me- this sounds delicious but the last time I tried it, it only had sugar so this time I’ll try it with cream/sugar and possibly make it stronger.

marchtschampagneWhite Tea Champagne: White tea, black and red currants, balm leaves lemongrass, cornflower and sunflower blossoms.

This also sounds so delicious! White tea is very light and mainly focuses on flavor. Like coffee- the lighter the leaf the less caffeine it has. I think this will be very light and refreshing but we’ll have to see!

marchtshammamRooibos Du Hammam: Caffeine-free tea with rooibos, berries, orange flower water and green date.

I love rooibos tea because its packed with rich and fruity flavor.

marchtschaiOrganic Masala Chai: Organic Chinese black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and clove.

I wasn’t a fan of chai tea before but when I tried it with cream- it tastes SO much better. This kind of tea is sweet and spicy (kinda tastes like pumpkin spice) yummm.

I can’t wait to try these! They all sounds so yummy. If you’re not a tea drinker- I suggest adding milk or creamer with honey if you want. And if you love tea, I suggest you try teas with little or no sugar/honey. Some teas still taste great- just remember to take out the tea bags after 5 minutes or not have scolding hot water sitting in green/white teas for too long because they will become bitter. Dark or black teas are less likely to “burn” or become bitter- it depends on the quality of the tea. Experiment and find the perfect teas because they are all different and unique in their own way.

Here are some more info on Tea Sparrow:

– For $20 a month you’ll get 4 (10 oz) bags of unique loose teas (35-65 cups) which change every month due to season.

– (You’ll also need a tea strainer since they are loose teas)

-As a reader, you get a 60% discount on your first box (final cost: $8)! Just follow the directions below.

– Go to this link, type in “teas” as the password, register, then click on “Subscribe”, pay using PayPal, and you’re done!

– You can cancel or pause/restart any time.

So that’s it, feel free to share with friends and family- Enjoy!

*Keep in mind my post is a sampler (1 oz)- not the full size.

PinchMe February 2014 Review and free box offer!


One of my March boxes I got was the PinchMe box- I signed up quite some time ago but never redeemed my samples until recently. I actually ordered it the end of February and I got it in March. PinchMe is a free sample box where you can sign up, fill out quizzes, pick your 3 free samples, and have them sent out to you. After you get your samples- you can choose to review them for 100 points so that you can redeem more samples in the future. You can also complete “challenges”, get “achievements”, and earn “badges” for even more points to earn samples, sweepstakes, and other promotions.

I personally find the site confusing so I’m probably going to stop, unless they send me an email to take more quizzes or stuff to earn more points- I’ll probably forget about it.

Here’s what I picked out:

marchpmshampooClear Damage & Color Repair Shampoo.
I actually had this shampoo before hand and it worked great the first time I used it- then it didn’t work anymore for some reason. If you want this check out my eDivv shop and offer me a trade!

DSC05606Suave® Skin Solutions Advanced Therapy.
I’ve been getting extra dry skin all over since this “winter” so when I see anything moisturizing-I’m snatching it up. I tried this a little bit on my hands since its the most dry area and its not completely rich but its not watery either. From the scale 1 to 10 1 being the least moisturizing and 10 being most moisturizing (and I mean like dry patch to normal skin moisturizing)- I’d give this a 6. It claims it relieves severely dry skin but you would have to constantly apply it for it to completely moisturize “100%” and give it “24 hour moisturization”. This will also be in my shop if you want to try it.

marchpmgevaliaGevalia Caramel Macchiato.
I haven’t tried this yet but when I get a Keurig machine- I’ll be ready! I love Gevalia coffee so I know this will be good, their coffee always tastes fresh with no bitter after taste. Plus, I love caramel so this is a great combo. Yummm.

So if you want to join for free and get a free box (with your selections) goto and sign up. Enjoy! =)

April 2014 Birchbox w/ freebie items & limited edition box

aprilbbopen aprilbbraincard aprilbbpull

aprilbbtipsaprilbbtip18This month’s Birchbox theme is called Rain Days. It came in a super cute packaging with baby blue tissue paper and one cute “52 Bright Ideas for A Rainy Day” sleeve with a card you pull out. You can buy the “deck” of ideas in the Birchbox shop for $10.00. I know this sounds really nerdy but I really enjoyed opening up these graphic cards and seeing all the graphic designs- such great designs and great packaging!

But yeah back to the box, mine was shipped out on 4/4/14 and I just got it on 4/15/14. This is pretty slow compared to other months but I didn’t mind. Instead of getting 5 items I got 6 (last month I got 7)! AND I also redeemed my points for some super-cool-awesome goodies! 😉 Check out my other posts to learn more about Birchbox if you haven’t already.

Here’s what I got:


aprilbbsunscreenSupergoop!® City Sunscreen Serum. 1.6 oz for $42.00 or .34 oz for $8.88.
You can’t really get enough sun protection but this baby comes with a serum to not only protect you from harmful rays but increase hydration and heal your skin from past damages. All parabens free. I’m a happy camper. =]

aprilbbpencilSumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Mansha (Plum). 0.024 oz for ~$5.25.
I’m excited to try this out on my waterline, they say it should stay put but we’ll see how well this works- I read some reviews that it smears after an hour. **I’ve been using this a lot now! It really does stay put- I did a smear test and this stays put. Same with my waterline and eyeliner- this is my go to liner now. =] I’m actually getting a black full size one!**

aprilbbshampooaprilbbconditionerNumber 4™ Clarifying Shampoo. 8.5 oz for $32.00 or 1oz $3.76.
Number 4™ Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque. 5.1 oz for $58.00 or .25 oz $2.84.
This is a nice set (except for the foil packet)… N4 is a good brand- I’ve had the hair spray in one of my previous box and I liked the sample. I’ve been getting a lot of shampoo samples lately but haven’t tried them yet. I’ll update this if I choose to use them- all of my samples are currently in queue for trading.

aprilbbpolishColor Club Gala’s Gems Collection. $13.00 for 4 bottles or $3.25 for one.
I got “Breakfast At…” which is a beautiful pearly green (birchbox/tiffany’s) color. I can’t wait to try it out- my nails need a polish change bad.

aprilbbbarKIND Healthy Grain Bars. $11.88 for 15-count  or .79 cent a 1.2oz bar.
This was a bonus item-its pretty big or maybe its just wider but I got a pumpkin flavored one- yummm. This brand is all natural- just how I like it. 😉 **This is pretty good, there’s a crunchy seed of some sort too.**

My box came out to around $24.77 worth (its probably worth more because when companies sell small sizes they tend to up the price from the larger size (or you need to spend $25-$50 to get “free” samples). I’m very happy with my boxes- Birchbox definitely picked out a good one for me. I would use all of them but not at the same time- I still have samples to go through before these.

If you want to join Birchbox, use my link! I think the wait is a lot shorter than Ipsy so it could be fun to test it out for a couple of months. You get to earn a lot of points by reviewing products, buying stuff, and referring people. Speaking of points here are some awesome stuff I redeemed for 700 points ($70)!


My freebie gift is the organizing tray- it was sold out but it came back so I HAD to scoop it up! I love it- the color and pattern is so pretty and water-resistant too. 😉


My other luxury item I’ve been eyeing is the IT Cosmetics Brush- IT’S SO SOFT! Man, this is my only “splurge brush” I’ve ever gotten for myself- I can’t wait to use this. I wish BB carried Tarte’s Buffing brush- I need that too.


I also got the Nexus Heat Protection Styling Spray for when I do go out, straighten, curl, or blow dry my hair. I have enough damage (split ends) so this will help it.


Then my last item is the London Tea Caddy- how cute is this keepsake box? There’s a change hole up top you can put spare change in it when your done drinking the tea bags. =) I love tea, my mom recently got obsessed with drinking British tea and creamer- its so fresh and aromatic when you take a sip. Mmmm… hot milk teaa…

533ac7fd1adedThere’s a limited edition box too this month- I’m not sure how long it’s going to last but this box has ALL natural ingredients and a portion is going towards charity- so lots of goodies for everyone. It’s called Free For All for $44, it includes W3LL PEOPLE Hypnotist Eyeliner – 0.04 oz, Alima Pure Lip Tint in Rhubarb – 0.13 oz, eco-armour Shave with Benefits Shave Foam with Mint + Eucalyptus – 50 ml, FEED 10 Pouch, Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum – 15 ml, Karma Organic Spa Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil – 15 ml, Løv Organic Tea (muslin tea bags in assorted flavors: Løv is Good, Løv is Pure, Løv is Zen, and Løv is Beautiful), and Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser – 30 ml. Its packed with good stuff so if you’re into natural products, I suggest you get this box because it won’t be here forever!