My BatterBox March 2016 Review

marbatterholdI just got a new box called the Batterbox! At first I thought it was a baseball box but it’s actually a baking box! I love baking so I had to review this box! The box was pretty big so I knew it was filled with a lot of goodies. I could smell the vanilla!
The Batterbox starts at $25.00-$30.0 a month. You get a variety of baking tools and supplies to make your themed baking project for the month. Each box comes with the recipe and instructions to make the cupcakes or whatever the project is for that month. The box is shipped out by the 5th every month so you should expect your box to arrive about the same time each month.
marbattercardIf you use the coupon code: “SAVE5” you’ll get $5 off your first box!
This month’s theme is Easter so our project for this month is “Surprise Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream”. I plan on making them for Easter so stay tuned for the final result!
Let’s see what’s in the box:
marbattercolor.75 oz Electric Green Gel Food Coloring. Retail: $1.97. This is the dye for the green grass! You only need a few drops so this is something you can use for St. Patty’s day or Christmas.
marbatterpeeps3 Five count packs of peeps. Retail: $3.87. I love peeps! I haven’t had them in awhile so these are a nice treat. I like eating the eyes, beak, butt then the head and body- haha! I like eating the sugar. =P
marbattertip1 small grass piping tip. Retail: $1.69. I can see using this as fur or giving the cupcake/cake a cool texture. In this project we se them as grass so I’m going to try to make it look nice. I’ve never done a design with decorative tips.
marbatterbag2, 12 Inch piping bags. Retail: $2.50?. They sell these in bulk so I’m ball-parking the cost. These are pretty durable bags so they won’t pop or rip open while you’re working. I like that they give you two in case you make a boo boo.
marbatteralmond24 Almond Candy’s. Retail: $2.00?. These are a nice touch to the surprise, you put them in the cupcakes!
marbatterpapercup25 Dot Grease proof Cupcake Liners: Yellow. Retail: $3.00. These are pretty adorable and you can use them for other projects as well. They are good quality cupcake liners because it’s grease proof! AKA they won’t leak excess oil but this project shouldn’t be a problem.
marbatterflourFlour, Salt and baking powder mixture. I didn’t put a price on this but it’s not that expense to buy. When I do bake a small bag of flour lasts me months!
marbattersugarPowered Sugar. I think this was the bag that wasn’t sale properly because my box was filled with powder, not everything came out but there’s a fine layer of powder sugar on everything. I’m not too upset because I have some I could use.
marbatterextractVanilla Extract. These can get pretty expensive but they really make baking so much more fragrant and tasty. I don’t prefer this particular ingredient in a jar like this- it’s leak proof but not smell proof if it makes sense.
marbattergransugarSugar. You can’t bake cupcakes without sugar!
The total Batterbox value came out to $15.03 + the cost of the basics. These prices are pretty cheap because they are purchased in bulk so Batterbox does all the hard work for you and puts them in a box for you to get right to the fun stuff. If you don’t bake often this box is convenient.
I could see this being a fun project with the kids, but it could get messy. Perhaps the adults should do the icing.
I’ll be baking next week for Easter so stay tuned for more pictures of the final result!

Madame Ladybug’s Ultimate Indulgence Ladybox December 2015 Box Review

lmbdeclayoutThe Madame Ladybug Box is the most customizable period box you can get, you have a bunch of options to get what you want and still have the element of surprise. They literally cater to your needs. If you check out their website there’s a ton of boxes for every women, whether it’s for the first timers, regular cycles, or even for menopause.

lmbdecopenFor December, my box was wrapped up in a discreet brown box and wrapped in pretty Christmas paper once it was opened. Each section had their own Christmas baggie so that the snacks, tampons, and other accessories. Each box comes with your choice of pads or tampons and in your preferred brand…
The Flo-Control is the most basic box. For $15.00 you get:
  • Up to 25 feminine products (includes complimentary pads, pantyliners, hygiene wipes, disposable bags)
  • Snacks of the Month (4)
  • Tea bags (3)
  • Gift & Bonus Items
  • Advil
Pamper Me is $25.00 for:
  • Up to 30 Feminine Products (includes complimentary pads, pantyliners, hygiene wipes, disposable bags)
  • Snacks of the Month (6)
  • Tea bags/ other special drinks
  • 2 Advil Packets
  • Bonus Items
  • Surprise Gifts
The Ultimate Indulgence box is $33.00 and includes:
  • Up to 35 Feminine Products (includes complimentary pantyliners, hygiene wipes, disposable bags) *The amount vary to change depending on the length of your cycle.
  • Snacks of the month (8)
  • Tea Bags/ other special drinks
  • 3 Advil Packets
  • Bonus Items
  • Surprise Gifts & Extras
  • Mystery Items
If you got a period box before, you probably never got one like this… this “Ultimate Indulgence” period box has so much goodies it’s kinda awesome. It’s like a snack box combined with your period subscription.
So let’s see what’s in my box:lmbdeccard
lmbdectamponsTampax Tampons. Retail: $7.50. You get to choose your name brand of pads or tampons so this value varies. They gave me 18 regular Tampax (Pearls?) in a Christmas bag. =]
lmbdecpantylinerPantyliners. Retail: $0.45. These were complimentary, I always keep these Always pantyliners in my bag in case of emergencies.
lmbdecbagsScensibles Disposable Bags. Retail: $1.00. I’ve never seen these before but I think it’s a great idea to put your used pads/tampons in a scented mini bag so that other people don’t have to see the mess. I got 4 of them and they are pretty thick so it’s a pretty opaque bag!
lmbdecwipesSummer’s Eve Wipes. Retail: $1.00. These are nice to have with you when you are out. Thanks Madame Ladybug!
lmbdecpillsAdvil Packets. Retail: $2.25. I’ve never taken pill for my cramps but these are pretty handy too for those headaches, bloating, and cramps.

7 Surprise Snacks. Retail: $6.59. I got a bunch of chocolaty goodies and other sweets.

lmbdeccoconutRussel Stover Treat. Retail: $1.25. This is a coconut chocolate wreath filled with coconut shavings and dipped in milk chocolate… drool…
lmbdecteas2 Assorted Teas. Retail: $1.05. I got Mint Green Tea and Black Currant teas. I’m not sure what they taste like but I like my teas plain. I might give these away to someone in the work place. I’m sure someone will like them!
lmbdechotcoco2 Hot Cocoa Mix. Retail: $1.25.
You can’t go wrong with a warm chocolate beverage. If only they had mini marshmallows….
lmbdecearringsChristmas Wreath Earrings. Retail: $10.99.
These are so adorable! I wish I got my box before Christmas so I could wear mine.
lmbdecbagMadame Ladybug Draw String Backpack. Retail: $19.99.
In my opinion this is not worth $20 but it is a nice sturdy bag for this material. I haven’t used this kind of bag since college… Oh the good o’ days…
lmbdecoilOlea Essential Oil Sample. Retail: $8.99.
I got a Peppermint oil! Maybe I’ll use this to make a candle or add it to a bath.
lmbdecbathChristmas Peppermint Bath Salts from Etsy. Retail: $4.50.
These smelled really good so it really stood out when I opened the box. Instead of using these for a bubble bath- I opted to use them as an air freshener for the car!
lmbdecheatBodi Heating Pad. Retail: $2.25.
I could’ve used this a week ago… but next time! This is great for on the go comfort, especially if you have to run errands and you can’t lay down at home.

Christmas Stocking. Retail: $1.00. Christmas Candy. Retail: $1.75. These are pretty much fillers- I got so much Christmas candy than I know what to do with…. I know I’m not eating them all!

lmbdeclotionChristmas Peppermint Lotion Bar from Etsy. Retail: $6.00. I love this idea too! A solid lotion bar so you can take around during winter! Careful, when you warm it up in your hands you will get oily…
The Madame Ladybug Box total box worth is $77.81 with all of the goodies. I loved that the box was totally filled with treats and the essentials. I also love that I found new things I would’ve known about without this box. I will most definitely will use everything and I will look forward to my next period so I can use these!

Peaches & Petals December 2015 Box Review

ppdecholdPeaches & Petals December 2015 theme is called Treat Yo Self which is basically a spa/relaxation box, what girl doesn’t love to pamper herself?!

ppdeccardEach box only cost $14.99 for a month with 3-5 beauty items depending on the value of the items. Last month we were spoiled with more then 5 items so this month we had 5 items which is still more than what you would pay for if you bought them separately. I have a great deal at the end of the post so look out for the coupon code.

Anyway let’s get to the box!


Kimono Style Silk Peacock Robe. Retail: $35.00.

When I saw this spoiler I knew I had to get a December box! This is soo cute and soft, it was definetely worth it. The design is beautiful and it’s long (past your knees unlike most robes). The only thing I wish was different is that the sleeves are not long enough. But it’s still a great robe to lounge around.


Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar. Retail: $2.00.

I love chocolate so this was eaten right away… it’s so creamy and smooth I wanted more! Yumm.

ppdecbathC. Booth Lavender Mineral Bath Soak. Retail: $14.99.

I don’t typically do baths but this is a HUGE bottle so it would last you awhile. Plus lavader smells so relaxing this will calm you down or keep you relaxed for sure.

ppdeceearingsppdecnecklaceEmerald Necklace & Earring Jewelry Set. Retail: ~$10.00.

These are pretty cute! I like that the necklace has three layers of the same color scheme. The earrings have the same gem stone as one of the necklaces so these are a cute set. I had to switch out the backings because these were too small to fit the backing on my ears.

ppdecmaskSpa Bella Hot or Cold Rejuvenating Eye Mask. Retail: $18.00.

I wasn’t too thrilled whem I saw this mask but it’s pretty neat how you can use it for hot or cold application.

janspoilerSo for January’s spoiler, you’ll be getting a fruit infused water bottle! Talk about healthy water options, these would be great to have to start your healthy diet for 2016.

Overall my Peaches & Petals box came to about $79.99 which is s great deal if you’re only paying $14.99 for it. You can only pay $7.50 if you use my coupon code: PEACHAHOLIC for your first box! Awesome right? I would recommend getting the box asap because I don’t know how long the coupon lasts for. Enjoy!

Badass Kitchen Box December 2015 Review

bkbdecholdBadass Kitchen Box sounds pretty badass doesn’t it? When I was given the opportunity to review this new subscription box my mind was going crazy because I loveee to cook, bake, and just eat all day so this was perfect for me to review. The box came with a intro about the theme, a recipe, and a piece of paper of all the things in the box.

bkbdecboxEach box will have around 7 items for your kitchen needs like gadgets, accessories, recipes and hard to find ingredients around the world. Each box costs $39.99 for month to month, $114.00 ($38.00 each) for 3 months, and $209.99 ($35.00 each) for 6 months. Orders placed before the 15th of the month will insure your box by the end of the month. Orders placed after the 15th will receive your box at the end of the following month. So for $10 off your first order use the coupon code: BOXAHOLIC16.

So let’s get to the box!


bkbdecchocolateGuittard Chocolate Chips. Retail: $3.99. These are al natural semi-sweet chocolate chips with a hint of vanilla. Yumm. It also came with a recipe for chocolate chip cookies but you can do so much with chocolate… I made chocolate truffles over the weekend and it was delicious!!

bkbdecvanillaNielsen Massey Madagascar Vanilla Extract. Retail: $10.00. I love vanilla extract- it brings out the sweet and savory taste of things-it’s just soo good. You can add to cooking and maybe a christmas drink called egg nog…

bkbdecpralineWheeler’s Parline Pecans. Retail: $4.75. There’s nothing better than southern parline pecans straight from Mississippi. This is great to gift too if you wanted…


Trudeau Silicone Grip. Retail: $4.99. This usually comes in two so that you can pickup hot pots or the lid without burning yourself with the steam or heat from the stove. I like that it has the finger guards so that you don’t accidentally burn your fingers! It’s made out of plastic so it’s not floppy but sturdy to hold lids and keep you from burning yourself.

bkbdecspatulaTovolo Spatula. Retail: $6.50. I love baking and this is perfect for getting ALL the cookie dough out of the mixing bowl. It’s curved on one side and straight on the other so you’re covered for round bowls or square containers! Honesty, you can never have too many spatulas. I use them for everything.

bkbdectimerRetro Magnetic Timer. Retail: $14.99. I think old looking things are pretty stylish now so this is pretty handy for those ovens that don’t have a timer/clock built in (like mine). I will be using this!

bkbdecsiftMini Strainer/Sifter. Retail: $9.99. I’ve been meaning to get a small strainer for dusting powder sugar onto my cookies and madrilenes but since I drink a lot of loose teas- I just use my tea cup strainer which fits into a standard mug. Now I have a strainer just for baking/cooking! Woot-woot!

My box came out to $55.21, I was pretty impressed with the items I got because I will use most if not all of the products in this box! This is great for that friend or family member who just moved into a place and doesn’t have anything. But heck, you just might want it for yourself anyway (I would). These items are great brands & great quality, they will surely last for sure. So for $10 off your first Badass Kitchen Box using the code: BOXAHOLIC16.

Terra Bella Box December 2015 Box Review

dectbbholdTerra Bella Box is a beauty subscription that has completely natural ingredients from small handmade stores. Each month has a different theme but each box has a new featured shop with their item(s). It could range from makeup to skincare to bath products, they currently have 3 box options- 3 months of Terra Bella Lite ($50.00 with 2-3 items in each box), Terra Bella Box Trial Box ($24.00 for 4-6 items), and the Winter 2015 Limited Edition Box ($65.00 for over $100 worth of products). You can see the boxes here.


More about the Winter 2015 Limited Edition Box:

Every Winter 2015 Limited Edition Box contains well over $100 worth of handmade, natural bath and beauty products that were picked especially for this box. The items in this box are very unique, and some are much bigger and more expensive than you can find in the monthly Terra Bella Box. They are special enough to make any woman on your gift list feel loved and appreciated. Each box is $65 and there are very limited quantities left.

Terra Bella Box released two spoilers for the Winter 2015 Limited Edition Box. The first is a gorgeous cobalt blue upcycled wine bottle from Salacia Salts, containing their amazing salt soak in either Southern Pecan or Magnolia, which has a retail value of $30.   holiday4
Want your loved one to have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads? You’ll want to try the Dreamtime Salve from Three Leaf Farm apothecary. This organic, handmade blend is made with unique herbs designed to promote relaxation, and invite prophetic dreaming. Every Winter 2015 Limited Edition box will also contain this very special item, which retails for $9.99.
 The Winter box is only available until December 31st so hurry!

Now let’s get the the December box:

dectbbzenZen Redhead Zen Gloss. Retail: $7.50. This is a fun little gloss that you can apply to your cheekbones, apples, brow bone, cupid’s bow, and forehead for that extra shimmer and protection from the cold weather.
dectbbserumR Devine Skin Care Sacred Cal Smoothing Facial Cleanser + Serum. Retail: $20.00. You can use this as a cleanser by applying more drops and massaging your face and then removing it with a cotton ball. Or you can use it in your skincare routine as a serum/moisturizer by massaging it into your cleansed yet moist face.
dectbblipLive Beautifully Lip Balm Jelly in Blackberry Wine. Retail: $5.50. This is perfect for my mom, she loves wine so this will be perfect for when she has the urge to drink wine during work. This doesn’t have alcohol in it so it’s just the scent!
dectbbscrubMoody Sisters Natural Skincare Sugar Scrub in Moody Mint Julep. Retail: $11.95. This is not your typical sugar scrub, it bubbles! I’m excited to test it out on my face- I love the tingly sensation while it works it’s magic to clean and exfoliate the dead skin cells. You can also use it for your body too!
dectbbsoapIndigo Wild Mini Zum Bar in Frankincense & Myrrh. Retail: $3.10. This cute little bar of soap smells so good! It’s like a combo of sweet but woody. I also like that it has goat milk because it’s really moisturizing.
So the total box had $48.05 worth of goodies! Normally, the Terra Bella Box costs. about $40 but this month you’ll automatically get a discount so it’s only $24.00 for a one time box. I love nature skincare products so this box is fun to test out and see what I like. The products I normally buy are pretty expensive so I like finding gems in small businesses I don’t normally go to.

Flicker & Flame December 2015 Box Review

decffholdThe holidays are coming up fast and if you are running out of ideas for customized gifts, you should check out Flicker & Flame. Flicker & Flame specializes in customized candles with a soy based wax so it burns a lot cleaner. Once you take the 30 second preference quiz, they create the perfect 10 oz candle combo for that month based on your favorite scents.

Each shipment comes with a beautiful box with extra tags for gifting and the box is already wrapped in a pretty ribbon! The box costs $25 a month but if you use the coupon code: “SmellGreat” you’ll get $10.00 off your first box!

If you order before the 16th, the candles will ship out the 26th and you’ll get your box sometime during the first week of the following month .

They are having a 4 Seasonal Sampler Pack of 7 oz candles (one for each season) on sale for $45. These candles aren’t your typical scents but they have multiple scents that compliment each other yet still gives you that seasonal scent.


The December box will have extra tags in case you want to give someone the candle or if you want to save it for an emergency Christmas gift.


For December’s base scent they created a holiday dessert in the oven smell. The scent has a strong butterscotch base, with the addition of vanilla and raisin, and top notes of cinnamon. It reminds me of two cookies- ginger bread men and sugar cookies! It’s such a soft sweet smell of comforting cookies that makes it so addicting to take a quick sniff when it’s not burning! 

I really do love the candles from Flicker & Flame, there’s something about each unique scent that makes me feel so relaxed and happy when I smell them! You should take advantage of the coupon deal before it runs out.

November 2015 Sockflow Box Review

novsockhold Sockflow is a Korean socks box. You get to pick from high quality women, men, or children socks. It starts at $20.00 for 2 k-pop fashion socks, $25.00 for wool socks, and $30.00 for dress socks. If you get 3 pairs it would cost $25.00 and $40 for 3 pairs of dress socks.


There’s a coupon code offer that lasts till December 1st, 2015 for 25% off- if you use the code: LAUNCHDISCOUNT.

Since the box was shipping from Korea, it took less than a month for my socks to come in. Nevertheless, they came so let’s see what I got!

I got two adorable packaged socks:


novsockslayoutThe first sock had purple, gray and cream stripes from Deli Socks. It’s called Blueberry Cake! This company makes their sock based off of food so they have patterns like burgers, hot dogs, coffee beans, ice cream, and etc. They range from ~$3.50 per pair to ~$5.00 depending on the sock designs. I’m not quite sure if they deliver to America directly but that’s what Sockflow is for!

The second pair is from Socks the Language in I Love Green. These are unisex socks so I think these will goto a guy who “loves” the color green. This is way too “flashy” for me but if you love crazy, bright colored socks- this box is for you. This sock cost ~$4.30, the conversion is a bit different since Korea uses won as their currency. These socks don’t get delivered to America probably because they cost a lot to ship.

Overall the quality of these SockFlowsocks are nice, they are soft and comfy. They require extra care to stay in tip top soft condition so if you put in the extra money- you better take care of your socks! The monthly subscription is a bit high without the discount but with it you save at least $5.00 so it’s really not that bad considering where it is coming from.

Peaches & Petals November 2015 Box Review


Peaches & Petals November 2015 box is here! I’m so excited to show you what I got but first let’s get the details for this box. Peaches & Petals is a monthly subscription that has 3-5 items beauty and fashion accessories plus extra random goodies for $14.99. They have spoilers in the previous month so you know at least one product ahead of time. With that said, next month’s spoiler is a Kimono Peacock Robe! AND you get 50% off the first box with the code: “PEACHAHOLIC”.

So here’s what I got:


novppscarfThe Fringe Scarf. Retail: $10.00?. These came in all sorts of colors but I got black, it’s soft and long so you can double wrap it and get a nice fluffy layer around your neck. I really like the knitted design, and a fringe on the ends! And it smells like they sprayed their lovely “peaches and petals” scent on it too!

novpptravelPantene Pro-V Shampoo & Conditioner. Retail: $2.00. These are pretty much freebies, these are the only traveled sized items. I’ll use this for keeping my hair nice and soft.

novppcandleSweet Treat Dessert Candle. Retail: $2.50?. I thought this was ADORABLE! The only thing is that the beignet candle didn’t really smell like the donut. Maybe I have to burn it to smell it, but it looks so cute to burn!

novppthankyouThank You Cards. Retail: $3.99. OMG Peaches & Petals sure know how to pick out super cute things. I will definitely use these blank Thank You cards for work and friend and family.

novppbracletInfinity Forever Bracelet. Retail: $5.00?. I doubt this is covered in real gold but this is such a daily bracelet for any outfit. It has an extra long chain to fit any size wrist but it also fits into the smaller wrist like me too. If you really want, it can probably be worn on your ankle!



Totally Adorable Tea Infuser. Retail: $10.00. I’ve seen these around and never bought one so I’m so happy this popped up in my box! This little guys steeps in your cup while holding on to the rim.

After my low estimated prices, my box came out to $33.49 which is still a great deal because it’s at least double the subscription box price. I absolutely loved this box, everything will be used and I even ordered my next month’s box because they have this great deal- 50% off your first box! It’s only $7.49 when you use the coupon code: “PEACHAHOLIC”! I call that a steal. The robe is worth more than that price so if you like silky robes…. you better hurry and get your box.

November 2015 Beyond Her Blush Box Review


Beyond Her Blush is a new beauty box that has 5-6 beauty products that achieve the look of the month. Each product is curated by a celebrity artist and there’s a free step by step YouTube tutorial to show you how to create the look. The box can be as low as $18.00 a month to $20.00 depending on your plan. Plus, you can use the code: THANKS for 10% off your subscription. This offer lasts until December 2nd, so hurry!

This month’s theme is Glitter Glam and it’s also the first box ever! I LOVE the packaging! It wouldbe such a cute present on it’s own!


novbhbchellaChella Highlighter Pencil. Retail: $18.00. This is a staple beauty product and I’ve gotten so many of them- I literally still have my first pencil. It’s a great all over pencil to highlight, brighten, or conceal your blemishes especially for lighter skin tones-medium tones.

nocbhbprimerCity Color Cosmetics in Pearl Primer. Retail: $3.99. I don’t think they meant this literally a primer but this has a shimmery white base to maximize whichever eyeshadow you layer on your lids.

novbhbmascaraEyelyn Iona Natural & Organic Mascara. Retail: $21.50. This is the biggest mascara container I’ve ever seen. I love the wide long wand applicator because it easily brushes through my lashes without clumping and it looks natural. I like the brand though- can’t get enough of natural makeup products! It’s smudge resistant, lash thickening, lengthening, and defining eyelashes without harming them.

novbhbglamourGlamour Dolls Gypsy Eyeliner. Retail: $1.99. I like that this has two colors in one, it makes traveling easy because you get 2 in 1. I’ve never use lavender before but I like to use darker colors.

Ramy Whipped Liqui-air Color for Eyes and Cheeks. Retail: $19.00. This is another double makeup product in one. You can use this for your lips or cheeks, and eyes too. This is a pretty universal color so it works well for all skin tones.

novbhbstarlooksStarlooks “Gold Coast” Eye Shadow. Retail: $5.00. I love the color gold and bronze together so this eyeshadow would be my go to everyday. I love dimensional eyeshadows because it’s one color but you get different levels of color in certain lighting.

My total Beyond Her Blushbox value was $69.48! Overall I like the variety of the box and how you get a product for a complete look. All the products are full-sized and in this box you get 6 instead of 5 items like most beauty subscriptions. You get a mix of brands and I like that they do a YouTube video of a complete look.

October 2015 The BuckBin Review

octbbinholdoctbbincardThis month’s BuckBin theme is Oktobeerfest Bin so there’s tons of beer accessories! Each month for $20.00 you get around 7 drinking/party items based on the monthly theme. It ranges from tools to accessories for beer/alcohol. Some of the things are things I am familiar with but they always put new and unique things on the box so you really get the party experience. This box has by far blown me away so if they keep topping the last month I would tell you to grab one before they are sold out! I really like that they listened and put in the names and uses for each item! Go BuckBin!

So here’s the October box:


octbbinbootDas BOOOOOT. Retail: $3.95. This is a smaller boot but it still holds a liter of beer so it’s a decent amount of alcohol. It’s made of plastic so it’s light and pretty durable. I don’t know about you but drinking from a beer boot is pretty intense… are you ready for Octobeer fest?

octbbinbobBombs. Retail: $2.00? for 2. I’m sure this would cost more but I don’t know where to find them online. These look like shot glasses but they are used for measuring bombs (shots dropped in beer then chugged). You can use them for shots too but these are soo adorable I’ll drink beer from these ;P

octbbinstienBottle Stein. Retail: $6.99. I thought this was pretty awesome! I knew exactly what it was and it’s a cool device for your beer bottle… it’s basically a lid for your beer bottle! It’s pretty heavy for a lid so this won’t just flop open but I found that it’s wobbly when it’s flipped open but other than that it does a great great keeping your opened beer free from dust and such falling into your beer.

octbbinbongBottle Bong. Retail: $4.99. My roommates definitely dove into this first… it surprisingly goes down pretty fast but it leaves a lot of foam in the bottle… but it’s understandable. Plus you can take it with you in your pocket!

octbbinhangoverForget Hangover Patches. Retail: $14.56 for 3 patches. These are all natural and should last you all night. Put in on 24hrs before drinking and it’ll supply you with the nutrient for fighting hangovers.

octbbinballsPing Pong Balls. Retail: $4.00. You can never have enough beer pong balls! They literally get lost like no other…or they roll into things you just don’t want to touch or use for beer pong… just saying.

octbbinshirtBuckBin Oktobeerfest t-shirt. Retail: $20.00. This is a nice soft red tee with a black BuckBin logo for Octobeerfest. As a graphic designer I would’ve printed this lovely logo in white ink but that’s just me.

Overall, my box was worth $56.49, drinking can get pretty expensive but if you get this box- it’ll definitely help with the cost. I can see this box being purchased as party- house warming gift, don’t you? Or you can just bring the box to a party and drink your heart out using everything in this box.