Subscription Descriptions

Tip: Sign-up to sites you’re interested in first and decide later if you want to commit to subscribing. This way you can see all the promotions and offers you might like.

1. Birchbox: a monthly beauty box that contains about 4-6 deluxe samples of make-up, skincare, perfume and other tools and such for $10 a month. You can personalize it by taking a profile quiz. Plus, they also have boxes for men- those boxes have deluxe grooming products, accessories and cool gadgets for $20 a month. Birchbox is pretty popular so they have an estimate wait of four weeks for women and two weeks for men. Earn points to get free full size products by reviewing your items and inviting friends! See my all of my Birchbox reviews.

2. Wantable: a monthly beauty box/fashion box that personally picks out about 4-6 full sized products that match your style and needs by taking a profile quiz. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can return it for free and get your money back. Another great thing is that you can easily unsubscribe or skip that month. They both costs $36 (each) a month or $40 for a one time box (in my opinion you can sign up for the monthly and cancel if you don’t want want another one). The jewelry box has 3-5 pieces depending on your quiz ratings. You basically rate love, like or dislike each question and whatever you do not like, you will not get. See a glimpse of my Wantable July 2013 reviewWantable August 2013 review or check out my Wantable Make-up August 2013 review.

3. Julep: a monthly nail polish/beauty care box. Julep has great quality products for $20 a month. You take a style quiz and it tells you your style and then if you like your box- you can order that or pick a different box. Depending on which “Maven” you are, the products range from 2-3 full size products. It might seem like a lot of money for a few products but I love their discounts and nail polish colors! Everything is so pretty and you can always skip a month AND as a bonus, the first intro box is FREE, yes FREE! Just goto the link here and put in FREEBOX or FREEMAVEN in the promo code box. All you have to pay for is a $4 shipping fee… not too shabby for your choice of three polishes, two polishes and a beauty product or two beauty products. See my all of my Julep reviews and sneak peeks.

 4. NatureBox: a monthly 5 full size bags of healthy snacks! You can upgrade to more snacks for deeper discounts. It starts at $19.95 a month for 5 bags, $29.95 for 10 bags or $49.95 for 20 bags. Apparently, their snacks are irresistible and it’s totally good for you. For the first box they pick your snacks but the next boxes you can actually choose all of the snacks you get or let them pick it. If you go to this link, your first box can be $10 off… just put in SPECIAL25 or SHARE10 in the code box and it’ll be half off for new members. See what I got in my Naturebox July 2013 review or Naturebox August 2013 review or my Naturebox October 2013 review.

 5. Goodies Co.: an exclusive company that requires you to have an invitation by a member. You can get points by reviewing the snacks you get. They actually have a lot of people signed up so it might take a while to get your box. After all, it is only $7 a month for 5-8 hand-picked snacks. Goodies also has a kid box as well. You can choose to skip up to 3 months if you want or cancel anytime. Read about my Goodies Co. August 2013 review.

Enter PINSPIRED or TWTSKIP to the promo code box and SKIP the line to order your box! Hurry because it ends 7/25/13.

Goodies Co. is officially no longer in service. Sorry!

 6. Love with Food: $10-12 or $20 a month depending on your plan, with each box they send-they donate a meal to a hungry child! Each box has 8 or more gourmet food. For your first free box type in FBFOOD! Your first billing can be free or just $2 for shipping. Feel free to cancel anytime. Read about my Love With Food August 2013 Review or Deluxe Love With Food September 2013 Review.

7. Little Black Bag: a site for purse/accessories/beauty junkies! This site gives you up to 70% off designer bags.

For your first purchase, use my referral link and save 25%!

You can also trade goodies with other members if you don’t like the accessories they put in your bag. The price varies because you get to chose your bag and they pick the accessories. You can cheat a little and go to the page that has your accessory, look at the brand and the price and it should give you a sneak peek of what you got. Little Black Bag is great because you can get bundles with your bag at a discount. For savvy shoppers who know their limit, you have the will to buy just the bag! Read about my Little Black Bag August 2013 review.

 8. Ipsy: a $10 a month with 4-5 deluxe or full size make-up/beauty products that come in a bonus collectable bag (unlike Birchbox). I’m actually on the waiting list now so come join with me if you haven’t subscribed yet! I’m SO excited after a month on the waiting list I finally got my first bag! There’s a FREE gift for the next bag if you get 2 people to join. Read all my Ipsy reviews with bonus coupons. If you really like make-up use my link to join!

 9. JustFab: another accessory site for cute bags, shoes, jewelry, clothes, and etc. I like to use Little Black Bag and JustFab to compare which site has a better product to buy from. This site offers a VIP membership that has stylists choose your accessories for you based on the quiz you take. They give you a series of pictures and you basically click on the style you like or want. Its affordable fashion that gives you free shipping (when you spend $39) and returns. The great thing about this is that you can skip a month anytime so you don’t have to buy what your stylist picked out for you. I bought my first bag from JustFab during my late night shopping addiction =/ why do I always keep signing up for these things? It’s seriously a problem but I can’t pass up a great deal! My promotion was an extra 50% off of $39.95 (a perk price for VIP members) so I only spent $20.00 for my first purchase, that’s with FREE shipping! =] Read about my JustFab July 2013 review for more details.
10. Stunner of the Month: a sunglasses subscription for only $9 a month for all different kinds of sunglasses. If you want your own sunglasses for free (first time customers only) sign-up here and put my name “Jenny Hang” in the reference slot and use “trystunner” as the promotion code. You get a free gift with your box too so that’s always nice. Read about my Stunner of the Month September 2013 review or Stunner of the Month 2 September 2013 review.
11. JewelMint: a unique jewelry made of high quality stuff like real gold, silver and other natural materials like wood and minerals. For my first purchase, I get to pick 2 items for the price of one! JewelMint is also connected with their MINT sisters like BeautyMint (Jessica Simpson), StyleMint (Mary-Kate & Ashley), ShoeMint (Rachel Bilson-from Hart of Dixie!), IntiMint (Brooke Burke-Charvet-from Dancing With the Stars) and HomeMint (Justin Timberlake). You can sign-up for free here and check their stuff out (they are having a sale and a great promo!), maybe you’ll like what you see! See what goodies I picked out from my JewelMint September 2013 review or JewelMint October 2013 review.
graze12. an invite only so you need a member to invite you to join. You can get your first box free by using my link. Not only will your 1st box be free, but your 5th box will also be free! It’s normally $6 a box for 4 healthy unique snack blends (I wouldn’t recommend anyone with a nut allergy) but if you reefer (up to 4) friends you can earn $1 off (for each Friend) towards your next box or donate it. Graze offers a range of dips, bars, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and a touch of chocolate in their blends you and pick and choose from. You can “trash, try, like, or love” any of the snacks and they will pick your box from there! You can choose to get it delivered every week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks, and pick a variety pack or a low calorie pack, and cancel anytime (they tell you the last day to cancel before your next billing). Read all my Graze reviews and get your free box today!
BeautyBar-Sample-Society-Logo-with-tagline-image-e136095965216013. BeautyBar- Sample Society: another beauty box filled with 5 full/deluxe sized luxury beauty products for just $15 a month. If you want to sign up go to this link and put in “boxaholic” in the promo box for 20% off of your cart (must be first time subscribers). Maybe you can get 20% off of your Sample Society subscription? They have tons of stuff other than beauty products so use it wisely! Read about my first box Sample Society December 2013 review.
nibblr14. Nibblr: a sample sized snack box that gives you 4 unique blends for portion control or a quick fix. Choose which ones you want to try, like, love, or hate and they will automatically send you a box of 4 different choices. You can also pick how often you want (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) and easily pause/cancel your next boxes. Each box is worth $6 but you can choose from different plans to get cheaper boxes. Get your first box for free when you read about my February 2014 Nibblr review. Make sure you get the referral code:3032 for your free box!
local-business-listings-utah15. Mercolocal: Utah’s very own local merchants box. The Mercobox gives you about 5 different merchants (in Utah) ranging in almost anything- from natural food to beauty to gadgets and accessories. You will also receive bonus coupons to spend in those shops. Each box ranges from $20 & up depending on your plan. They have limited edition boxes like for Father’s Day- so grab one while you can! Read about my March 2014 Mercobox review.
projectdiymjtrimming16. M&J Trimming Project DIY: this is a DIY Jewelry box that send you 2-3 trendy and unique jewelries for you to create. You get a free starter kit when you get your first box and you can always refeer back to the site for tips and examples people have made with their kits. You get to make your own designs  Each month is a different theme. As of March 1, 2014-M&J Trimmings is no longer offering the monthly boxes, I will update you when they start up again. You can visit their Facebook. In the mean time, you can still read about my November 2013 M&J Trimmings Project DIY Jewelry Box.
cultCult Cosmetics: a nail and accessory monthly subscription box that includes a variety of nail products that in trend. You can buy individual boxes in addition to the monthly box. The Blackbox costs $19.99 + shipping ($5 for US or $8 for Canada), you get 2 nail polishes and 1 beauty item. Read about my Cult Cosmetics January 2014 Review.
Panty By Postpanty-by-post-top: a luxury panty service. There’s a bunch of options to choose from there’s a signature line and a bridal line. You can choose from mix, thongs, or no thong, the sizes range from xs-xxxxxl, the subscription ranges from $15-$50 depending on what you pick. Read about my Panty By Post Review & Contest Giveaway!

Basic RGB

Batch5280: a bacon box filled with unique blends from all over the country. I think the company is out of business since I can’t go to the site anymore. You can still read about my post here.
pijonPijon Box: a monthly care package for college students. Send them for your kids in college (male, female, or universal) starting at $25. Each box will be different each month, contain $30-$50 retail value, delicious and healthy snackshealth and beauty supplies, household essentials, and fun gifts. Read about my PijonBox March 2014 Review.
PINCHmePinch Me: is a free sample service. You can sign up here and fill out quizzes and stuff to earn points and get free samples of your choice. You do not need to pay for anything! When you get your products in the mail- just review them and continuing to get free stuff. Read about my posts here.
teasparrowTea Sparrow: get 4 gourmet (loose tea) blends each month, equalling to 35-40 cups of tea for $20 a month shipping included.Pause/restart at your convenience. Find out about an exclusive tea discount here.
total-beauty-logoTotalBeauty: buy beauty boxes and samples at your own pace. Boxes are limited and will can various beauty products. Visit this link to find coupon codes and other savings.
BuluBoxBulu Box: a monthly fitness box for $10 a month, each box includes 5 or more health products. Fill out a quick quiz and Bulu will send you a box to fit your needs, review products to earn points, any purchase including box subscriptions will earn you points. Learn more here.
theboodleboxThe Boodle Box: a tween or teen beauty box sent monthly. You can pick between two boxes one for 5-10 or 11& up, depending on your subscription each box will cost $19.99-$25.00. This is fun for fashionistas. If you don’t want to subscribe monthly you can buy past boxes and certain products. Check out my reviews on The Boodle Box here.
Every28every28: a T.O.M. (aka Time Of the Month) box. This is great if you have a daughter who has just started her menstrual cycle because you can pick up to 60 different items like pantyliners, pads, and tampons of all sorts of name brands. If you bought them separately- you could end up with a lot of unwanted pads/tampons that she didn’t like. Also, you’ll save time and money because it ships to your door, free shipping included. Boxes start at $15 and goes to $25. You will also get a treat in each box (chocolate or gum) and you can pick how often you want your boxes and pause/stop anytime. See a sample here.
mysterychocolateboxMystery Chocolate Box: its a chocolate game too, you get 3 random gourmet chocolate bars and you can try to guess the ingredients with your friends and family. If you answer them correctly- you get a prize. Read about my box here.

6 thoughts on “Subscription Descriptions

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  2. One box not listed here – which is a little out of the norm but I came across it and definitely like it – is it’s for gifting – you get to sign up with your interests and they send you pretty awesome stuff from different designers that you will like – i’ve gotten real cool stuff. worth checking out atleast!

  3. I love Wantables and I just signed up for Nature Box so we will see how that is. The other ones you posted about I haven’t tried yet. So many to try so little time. And there are new ones coming out all the time. There’s one new one called that I just signed up for too.

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