Badass Kitchen Box December 2015 Review

bkbdecholdBadass Kitchen Box sounds pretty badass doesn’t it? When I was given the opportunity to review this new subscription box my mind was going crazy because I loveee to cook, bake, and just eat all day so this was perfect for me to review. The box came with a intro about the theme, a recipe, and a piece of paper of all the things in the box.

bkbdecboxEach box will have around 7 items for your kitchen needs like gadgets, accessories, recipes and hard to find ingredients around the world. Each box costs $39.99 for month to month, $114.00 ($38.00 each) for 3 months, and $209.99 ($35.00 each) for 6 months. Orders placed before the 15th of the month will insure your box by the end of the month. Orders placed after the 15th will receive your box at the end of the following month. So for $10 off your first order use the coupon code: BOXAHOLIC16.

So let’s get to the box!


bkbdecchocolateGuittard Chocolate Chips. Retail: $3.99. These are al natural semi-sweet chocolate chips with a hint of vanilla. Yumm. It also came with a recipe for chocolate chip cookies but you can do so much with chocolate… I made chocolate truffles over the weekend and it was delicious!!

bkbdecvanillaNielsen Massey Madagascar Vanilla Extract. Retail: $10.00. I love vanilla extract- it brings out the sweet and savory taste of things-it’s just soo good. You can add to cooking and maybe a christmas drink called egg nog…

bkbdecpralineWheeler’s Parline Pecans. Retail: $4.75. There’s nothing better than southern parline pecans straight from Mississippi. This is great to gift too if you wanted…


Trudeau Silicone Grip. Retail: $4.99. This usually comes in two so that you can pickup hot pots or the lid without burning yourself with the steam or heat from the stove. I like that it has the finger guards so that you don’t accidentally burn your fingers! It’s made out of plastic so it’s not floppy but sturdy to hold lids and keep you from burning yourself.

bkbdecspatulaTovolo Spatula. Retail: $6.50. I love baking and this is perfect for getting ALL the cookie dough out of the mixing bowl. It’s curved on one side and straight on the other so you’re covered for round bowls or square containers! Honesty, you can never have too many spatulas. I use them for everything.

bkbdectimerRetro Magnetic Timer. Retail: $14.99. I think old looking things are pretty stylish now so this is pretty handy for those ovens that don’t have a timer/clock built in (like mine). I will be using this!

bkbdecsiftMini Strainer/Sifter. Retail: $9.99. I’ve been meaning to get a small strainer for dusting powder sugar onto my cookies and madrilenes but since I drink a lot of loose teas- I just use my tea cup strainer which fits into a standard mug. Now I have a strainer just for baking/cooking! Woot-woot!

My box came out to $55.21, I was pretty impressed with the items I got because I will use most if not all of the products in this box! This is great for that friend or family member who just moved into a place and doesn’t have anything. But heck, you just might want it for yourself anyway (I would). These items are great brands & great quality, they will surely last for sure. So for $10 off your first Badass Kitchen Box using the code: BOXAHOLIC16.


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